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The Park.

6 Acres of Park
Our goal is to be continually improving St. Martin Heritage Park, Charlestown in order to become an attraction for not only the local community but across the state and perhaps nationwide one day.  Through generous donations limestone rocks have been placed and gardens have been planted.  More then a dozen trees and playground equipment have been added in honor or in memory of special people in the lives' of donors.  Through a generous grant received from the Chilton Area Community Foundation, picnic tables and trash receptacles have been purchased.  Membership, rentals, grants and other forms of giving will sustain the parks' natural beauty.Photo Gallery >
The Church, St. Martin Heritage Chapel
Sitting high on a hilltop in Charlestown, Calumet County, the existing limestone church was erected in 1876 by ancestors of many of today's community residents. The area's largely German heritage runs proud and deep. At the steeple's peak shines a new symbol of renewal. The removed steel cross now adorns the St. Martin Catholic Cemetery which rests just beyond. In 2000, a devastating hail and windstorm ravaged the grounds of St. Martin Catholic Church. The community was lead by the building and grounds directors in its vast rebuilding process. The roof and all west-side stained glass windows were replaced. The little schoolhouse was demolished. And handicap access, along with modern restrooms were added to the social hall.

The church building in its restored grandeur seats 225 and offers a unique setting indeed for community, family or corporate events. Tour the photo gallery. Rental Agreement >

Heritage Museum
Nestled inside the St. Martin Heritage Chapel lies the history of the former St. Martin Catholic Church and its founders.  German records from over a century ago were translated and photos collected to reveal the heart & soul of our community.  The museum is the work of some many hands and we invite you to browse the history any time by downloading this documentation.  The Heritage Museum is open by appointment and during most events. Make an Appointment >
Celebration Gazebo
On the green hillside of the park, a graceful new gazebo was erected in the summer of 2008.  It bids welcome to a quiet moment of contemplation, a picnic of laughter or maybe even - vows of love for an eternity.
Social Hall
As you enter the park, you are greeted by the social hall to your left.  Built in 1959, the hall gives 3200 square foot of opportunity for the family fun or serious business.  You'll fit more than two cooks in it's roomy and efficient kitchen.  The entire facility along with tables & chairs, serving-ware, appliances and big screen TV are all available to rent for community, family or corporate events.  Of course, handicap-friendly.
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Check out our easy directions and just follow the steeple on the hill. It can be seen for miles. Or map it using the address: St. Martin Heritage Park: N3298 Cty T, New Holstein, WI 53061 View / Print Map >