An Inviting Green Space

Natural Beauty & Grace

6 Acres of Park

Our goal is to be continually improving St. Martin Heritage Park, Charlestown, in order to become an attraction not only for the local community but for friends across our nation. More than one hundred trees, many benches, playground equipment, lighting, and a picnic shelter have been added in memory or in honor of special people in the lives of our donors. A generous grant received from the Chilton Area Community Foundation enabled the purchase of picnic tables and trash receptacles.

Also, you'll find our Labyrinth of Gratitude carved from the southwest corner of the Park. Fieldstone picked from area farms create a path of serenity within its 70-foot diameter.

The Park's natural beauty will be sustained by memberships, rentals, grants, and other forms of giving. And by the mighty muscle of our volunteers.

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St Martin Heritage Park, Charlestown

Celebration Gazebo on the Green Hillside of the Park

A charming gazebo was erected in the summer of 2008. Built in memory of a strong supporter of the Park, it was one of our first major additions. It's grown to be a lovely centerpiece surrounded by blooms and greenery. It bids welcome to a quiet moment of contemplation, a picnic of laughter, or maybe even – vows of love for an eternity.

Social Hall & Picnic Shelter

As you enter the Park, you are greeted by the social hall to your left. Built-in 1959, the hall gives 3200 square feet of opportunity for family fun or serious business. You'll fit more than two cooks in its roomy and efficient kitchen. The entire facility, with tables and chairs, serving-ware, appliances, and big screen TV, is available to rent for the community, family, or corporate events. Of course, handicap-friendly. Our picnic shelter is complete with a grill. The public is welcome to enjoy every day, every season when the Park is not rented. Save your day.

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